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With life as a touring musician bringing with it the chaos of late nights, loud shows, and long drives, it’s understandable that after a while a change of gears has its appeal—the opportunity to take a breather and create something at a more stately pace; something that really allows you to exist in the quiet, reflective moments between life’s noisy flurry.
So it is with Pieter-Paul Devos, vocalist in Ghent, Belgium-based bands Raketkanon and Kapitan Korsakov, both renowned for their decibel-heavy, high-energy live shows.
In his role as rock band front man Devos cuts an imposing, agitated figure with an intense character, who spends as much time rolling around on top of the sweaty bodies of the crowd as he does on stage. Speak to him off-stage however, and you’ll find a thoughtful, quiet, and composed musician, whose deep understanding and respect for songwriting has resulted in the charmingly vulnerable brace of Americana and alt-folk influenced acoustic tracks that make up [citation needed].
“All of the songs on this record were songs that didn’t seem to fit any of the bands I play in,” explains Devos of the new project. “They’re more melody and lyric-based, and work best with zero or modest arrangements, so I really felt the need to do a session where most of the instruments were acoustic. The songs don’t require much more than the musicians listening to each other while they’re playing in the same room, without having to start a volume war—which can obviously be quite an exciting kind of war—but volume was not what these songs needed.”
Recorded throughout the hot and hazy summer of 2018, Devos invited some of his favourite musicians to sink into these tender tracks together, with the aim of capturing the simple enjoyment to be found in the moment of creating something beautiful together with friends.
13/04, Vooruit Gent
18/04, Charlatan Gent