A new single and new album for RACOON!

On February 13 Racoon will be releasing their brand new album ‘All In Good Time’. It will be their first release on Petrol Music (Warner distribution), where they’ll be joining the likes of Delrue, Yevgueni and Flip Kowlier. First single ‘Brick By Brick’ – currently Megahit on Dutch radio 3FM – is coming out on November 28.
Racoon will not take pressure from anything or anyone when working on a new album. “It comes when it comes”, singer Bart van der Weide says, “all in good time”.
And taking the time for these recordings is clearly paying off. First single ‘Brick By Brick’ – the perfect appetizer for what is yet to come – turns out to be an instant hit on native soil. Not only did the track get bombarded to Megahit on 3FM this week, it was also playlisted straight away on every other major radio station in Holland (Radio 1 and 2, Q-Music, Radio 538, Sky Radio, etc).
Just like its predecessor ‘Liverpool Rain’ in 2011 the new material was recorded with producer Wouter van Belle, the man who – amongst other things – paved the way for Axelle Red’s international career, perfected Novastar’s debut album and recently also signed off on Delrue’s French-spoken solo album ‘Risquons Tout’.
Unlike in 2011 Van Belle also got involved in the preproduction this time around.
His Belgian stamp can clearly be felt”, guitarist Dennis Huige says, “and we love it. Room was made for a bit of dirtiness on this album. It didn’t have to be as clean-cut the whole way through.”
With ‘All In Good Time’ Racoon have managed to also surprise themselves: “During the recording stages Wouter opened some doors in our songs that we didn’t realise were there. The songs are interlaced with various layers but without ever compromising the integrity of Racoon. He definitely provided a much-wanted fresh approach”, Bart explains.
The Racoon-fever has been running high for a few years now in their home country, but also in Belgium the band managed to score a couple of modest radio hits in 2012 with the singles ‘No Mercy’ and ‘Took A Hit’. But with ‘All In Good Time’ the foursome wants to take things to the next level. “Being from Zeeland, we often feel like stand-by Belgians”, Dennis jokes, “and fortunately we have acquired a Belgian pool of fans as well over these past few years. For now we mostly see them at our Dutch shows but hopefully we can change all this with the new album, and tour in Belgium as well”.
Watch the video here.