ALASKA GOLD RUSH presents brand new album ‘HUMAN FLARE’

Check the album out HERE.

Alaska Gold Rush or 1 + 1 = 1

Alaska Gold Rush carves its free folk garage into folk songwriting to extract new forms. The Belgian duo unfolds its stories in songs dressed in poetic texts and subtle melodies with an impressive guitar-drums combination. Renaud Ledru (guitar, vocals) and Nicky Collaer (drums) fill the whole space, going back and forth between intensity and delicacy in a haunting, wavy movement. Two Gallants meeting Big Thief.

With their first two albums and numerous EPs, the duo gave free rein to their overflowing creativity and within a few years has built its reputation on captivating stage performances. With the album “Camouflage” released in 2020, the duo gained exposure in France.

In April 2022, Alaska Gold Rush will release their third album “Human Flare”. Ten luminous tracks on the theme of humans in their relations with others. From the guy who finally dares to set a foot outside in “Love Chameleon”, to the brother of “Blue” who is reborn when his sister dyes his hair blue, not to mention the old lady who confides with emotion in “My Hands”, each piece is a journey to the human heart.

The album is led by three very different singles: “OD On Sugar” or how to overdose on watered-down speeches, “Trampoline” and his chilling look at the nonsense of bullshit jobs, and the powerful “Arsonist” with these two young partners in crime hanging around after school.

Recorded and mixed in Brussels by Gaethan Dehoux (Témé Tan, BRNS), this new album focuses on melodies and dynamics in a careful production. Every video has been directed by Renaud in a displayed desire for consistency between music and images.

“Human Flare” is released today on the independent Belgian label Luik Music and the French Cowboy À La Mode and Ideal Crash.

10/05/22, Les Nuits Botanique, Brussels