Dear All,

Long time no see.
For the last 3 years I’ve been living in a small apartment in New York City’s Chinatown.
After a lot of eating, watching movies, smoking cigars, running bridges and countless other activities which are too ordinary or too obscene to mention, I’ve come back to you with 12 songs.
Every 3rd Monday of the month I will be releasing 1 song for one year starting October 21st.
You can buy the song on Itunes (Benelux) or listen on Spotify or Deezer.
Or if you want to catch a live performance video of each song you can go to my site.
There you will also fin a list of dates from our upcoming theatre tour.
If you come to see us in person, you can listen to everything and you won’t have to wait.
Most of the songs are finished but I might still want to try some out on you before I lay them down for good.
The others were recorded a couple of months ago in a small wooden church in upstate New York.
It was just Ruben, Amber and I and a bunch of microphones.
Amber plays the cello wonderfully and hails from Korea.
Ruben produced and mixed the stuff and plays the double bass. He is very tall.
Together, we climbed a steep hill in Seoul and had our portraits drawn by a little man with thin black whiskers, for only one dollar.
He said we could use them if we mentioned his name.
It would be great to see you after such a long time…
Oh, the album will be called ‘This Marauder’s Midnight’.

Hope to see you soon,