Before A Tale Of Golden Keys will release their sophomore album via Listenrecords they go out with the first single In The Far Distance. The predominant melancholy as well as the complex song-writing is contrasted by the decision to keep the production low-fi to avoid utilising the typical pomposity of contemporary pop music. The result is a lightness that represents the band’s love for live-shows – the trio gathered inspiration from playing tours that could not have been more different. From playing intimate acoustic-shows in tiny living rooms to big festival-stages, the band regrouped and drew inspiration from all these experiences, while at the same time finding a new sense of ease in writing their songs. Yet despite millions of streams of their debut album Everything Went Down as Planned (2015) on Spotify, they have not lost the essence of their doing.

Hannes Neunhoeffer’s vocals carry the listener through In The Far Distance, aiming for a gentle confrontation with sadness, yet never leaving one in despair. The clear polyphonic harmonies further underline the intention of not letting that happen.