What started as two friends playing records in sweaty basements almost ten years ago, evolved into what is now a six-headed electronic band under the name of AKS; short for “Addicted Kru Sound”. After recording several tracks and playing numerous shows with Selah Sue, the band released its first official single with current singer Lola early 2011. AKS’ recent success is mainly a result of the energy they bring live on stage, but to confirm that AKS is more than “a band that you need to see live” they now present a new five-track EP titled “Out of Control”, available worldwide starting May 21st.

Band info
As the dubstep movement is growing by the month, AKS is without doubt one of Belgium’s best representatives. Strongly influenced by the drum & bass scene, AKS shows (in a genuine live format) are enormous moments of pure energy that explode into a clever mix of jungle, dubstep, electro and even soul.
“Live dubstep is not unique, but AKS is one of the few bands that brings it solidly and excitingly at the same time and does not restrict live performances just to one drummer and one mc. We know for a fact: AKS will resound above many festival meadows.”
3voor12 concert commentary on Lowlands Festival 2011

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