A M A Z U​ M I is a force of nature. She is flow, rhythm and word personified. She is also your foreign girl-next-door, hailing from more than a few places and professions for most people to remember. Much like her evolving identity, she is constantly searching and molding her sound. While she may not have found a sense of belonging in any country or community, she found her place and a resonating voice in HipHop.

A Nepalese from Hong Kong, she began her journey into HipHop while studying documentary filmmaking in London but admits to being sonically

made in Gent where she took the freedom to learn, experiment and grow as an artist. Formerly known as Zulu Moon, she released her first single and EP in 2014 and 2015 respectively. While she was actively performing in Belgium, UK & the Netherlands throughout2015-16,shehasbeenworking​ onhernewE​P,VforVenomsettorelease in early 2017.

The new EP showcases her lyricism and musicality in a different light. The soundscape is heavily infused with steely synths, hard basslines, heavy guitar licks and dark elements. It comes from a place of purgatory and Amazumi cuts her heart open for the blood and gore to gush all out.