Ever since 1996 Dirk Swartenbroekx, aka Buscemi, has become a global brand dealing in electronic music with a warm, mediterrean feel. Whether it is bossanova, jazz, afrobeat or dub and house music; a collaboration with Belgo-Italian crooner Rocco Granata, a mix compilation for Ministry of Sound along side Kenny Dope of Masters At Work or his own live band Squadra Bossa, in all his projects Buscemi shows exquisite taste and a unique talent for most dance styles across the entire world… And beyond, because on the launch single “Gagarin (feat. Eline)” he flirts with salsa and deep house in outer space.

On ‘Sol Y Suave’, his 7th studio album, Buscemi excels yet again in his magical spells for all that is groove, flow and sing. But on this album he also shows another great talent: he’s a musical genius in finding the best vocal collaborations for his songs. Such as Aline Lua on the bossa, loungy ‘Cheio De Certezas’ track; or the dark voice of Kyoko on the dubby, almost triphop song “On The Run”. And then there is Oriane de Carvalho’s soul on the closing song ‘Make A Move Now’. Time after time all these singers blend with the music into a whole new dimension.

‘Sol Y Suave’ is the new studio album after 6 solo albums, 2 projects with the Italian composer Michel Bisceglia, a collaboration with Rocco Granata, 2 Blue Note compilations, a mix album with Squadra Bossa and several international remixes. This album shows Buscemi at the peak of his talents. As a producer, DJ, remixer or with his live band, Buscemi garantuees a firmy shaken cocktail of scorching beats for the mind, body and soul.

Sol : Sun / Y : And / Suave : Elegant, Sophisticated