Celine Cairo (1990, Amsterdam) has released two EP’s before recording her debut album last year, in Los Angeles. She collaborated with friend and mentor Fink, was titled “Radio 2 Talent”, got national TV and radio coverage and has played (and sold out) many venues in the past years, however, her debut album has yet to come out.

Cairo travelled to New York and Los Angeles to work with different writers and producers and ended up in Bill Lefler’s studio. After writing and recording the song “Free Fall” with Lefler, Cairo decided to come back to LA to record the full album there. She spent six weeks in LA and got her band to fly in from Amsterdam to play their parts and work on the distinctive, wide sound of the record.

The first single off the album “Hello Love” was streamed over 230.000 times on Spotify in a few months. With the combination of acoustic instruments and electronica Cairo seems to have found the perfect fit, musically