The Brussellians of Commander Spoon interlace their eclectic wealth of influences into an energetic jazz sound. The foursome consists of saxophonist Pierre Spataro ( who is also the brain behind the cosmic melodies), guitarist Florent Jeunieaux, bassist Fil Caporali and drummer Samy Wallens. Their first EP ‘Introducing’ was released earlier this year. It sounds very promising and just has us looking forward to their live set even more!

Their second EP « Declining » will be released november 7th.

Pierre Spataro


Pierre Spataro was born on december 7th 1980, in Charleroi, Belgium. He started learning music in 1985, learning clarinet, saxophone and music chamber with Robert Zaprazalka. After graduating a master in literature, he continues his music studies in jazz saxophone at the Conservatoire Royal de Musique de Bruxelles with Steve Houben.

As a musician and a composer he is active on the Brussels jazz scene playing with various project from Jazz standards to Hip-hop and electronic music.  He’s a founding member of Oyster Node in which he met Samy Wallens the Commander Spoon’s drummer. He was a founding member of Rue des Pecheries (Instrumental Jazz/Hiphop band from Brussels) and so collaborates since 2007 with a lot of Belgian Hiphop artists on stage and on record. He was also active on the belgian electronic music scene mixing Jazz and experimental electronics recording album with Skiv Trio, Bishop Dust, Khartung.

Now he’s presenting his new jazz project called Commander Spoon with Samy Wallens on drums, Florent Jeunieaux on guitar and Fil Caporali on double bass with their debut EP « Introducing ».

Samy Wallens


Samy Wallens was born in Brussels on 20th December 1990. He started to study african drums with the master Mamady Keïta for 10 years. Then he switch to drums and start to study jazz at Kunsthumaniora in Anwerp. After that he studied one year at the Conservatory of Gent with Arnoud Gerritse and accolmplished his master in Brussels with Stephane Galland. Samy plays various type of music like jazz, pop, world with different artists.

During his studies at the Brussels conservatory he met Fil caporali and Florent Jeunieaux, and met Pierre Spataro playing with Oyster Node, the band they create together with the singer Julie Rens.

Samy tries to put all his influence in Commander Spoon’s music as Jazz, Pop, Hip Hop, Electronic, African grooves etc that come from all the different music he played .

Florent Jeunieaux


Florent Jeunieaux was born in Mons (Belgium) in 1991. As a teenager, he was already playing in multiple bands around Belguim. He graduaded in jazz guitar at the Brussels Royal Conservatory in 2014. Since then, he is very present on the belgian stages and performs reguraly around Europe.

Florent is known for his versality wich allows him to play in many different styles : jazz (Murmures, Geoffrey Fiorese Tentet, Commander Spoon, Po Boy’s), rock (La chiva Gantiva), pop (Aneta Nayan), experimental (Echt). He played on about ten records from belgian, german and polish labels.

He is also involved in the soundtracks of five short movies.

Fil Caporali

Double Bass

Fil Caporali was born in 1990, natural from São Paulo, Brazil. He studied at Universidade Livre de Música whose patron is the Brazilian composer Antônio Carlos Jobim. In 2009 studied at Cantareira University, where graduated in 2012 with the teacher Alberto Luccas. From 2011 he was very active in São Paulo’s jazz scene, some of his works are: recording of the album “Sabe Qual?” – Ana Gilli (2011), teacher of a masterclass in the Conservatório Estadual de Música JK de Oliveira in Pouso Alegre (2013); perform with the jazz groups such as: Septeto S.A (2011- 2013), Leandro Brenner Trio (2011-2013), Samuel Pompeo quintet (2013), Soundscape Big Band (2012-2013), Speaking Jazz Big Band (2012-2013), Orquestra Jazz Sinfônica de Diadema (2013); he accompanied international singers like the American Michael Mayo and the Australian Liz Tobias (2013), classical music groups like Camerata Cantareira (2012-2013) and Orquestra de Contrabaixos Tropical (2013), group that gave him the opportunity to travel through the main Brazilian capitals as Brasília, Salvador, Recife, Curitiba and also to Panama city in Panama. In 2014 moved to Brussels to do his master in music at Koninklijk Conservatorium of Brussels. Currently playing in projects like Margaux Vranken Trio, Pauline Leblond Double Quartet, Marie Fikry Oriental Jazz Project, Charlotte Haesen Quintet, UTNUZ, Aneta Nayan, Aishinka and others. In 2015, he participated of a tour in China playing with the violinist Liu Xing. In 2016 Fil finished his master degree and was awarded with the Toots Thielemans Jazz Award.