Dashiki Johnson is Jan Hammer (Miami Vice) meets Chemical Brothers in a crunchy mix of kitch and pop. The single will be distributed by N.E.W.S. on May 12th and is a collaboration with producer Sebastiaan Vandevoorde (Arches, Moonlight Matters).
Although ’Stormchasers’ is their first official single, they are already built up some interesting live reputation by playing gigs in Petrol (Antwerp), Charlatan (Ghent), Rotown (Rotterdam) and last but not least the opening show for ’The Subs’ for the release of their previous album.
By using the old and the new they create a typical but yet novel 80ies sound without touching the integrity of the music itself. Dashiki Johnson (Raphaël Kiekens, Bert Noël, Piet Steen) is a fresh tribute to the Rock Steady Crew, the Human League and all the other Ghostbusters.
’Stormchasers’ inspired Jeff Bronder and Guy Kokken also to make en even funkier video for the single.