This week Delta Crash have released their first official single ‘Shimmer Of Time’. The band, winners of the public price at Humo’s Rock Rally 2016, have made a music video to celebrate their first release, which will be released March 10th. By the end of this month Delta Crash will present their first ever EP, ‘Blue Embrace’.

The band consists of Koen De Gussem (vocals and guitar), Kenny Lason (guitar), Bert Vanderbeken (bass) and Bert Lachaert (drums). The last couple of years they have been steadily making progress: a selection for Studio Brussels’s De Nieuwe Lichting 2015, a bronze medal at Oost.Best 2015, and, to top it off, the public price at Humo’s Rock Rally 2016 finale. These achievements show why Delta Crash are a force to be reckoned with in the near future.

So far, Delta Crash have never released an official debut, but that is about to change, thanks to the single ‘Shimmer Of Time’, which represents what this band is capable of. The resonanced sound combined with vocalist Koen De Gussem’s lyrics intensify the melancholic feel, creating a subtle hardship throughout the whole song. Nevertheless, this quartet bring forth a raw energy, continuously propelling the song towards its last note.

‘Shimmer Of Time’ is the first single off of their debut EP ‘Blue Embrace’, which will be released March 20th. The EP will be physically and digitally available. ‘Blue Embrace’, 7 songs strong, will be released independently and has been produced by Reinhard Vanbergen. March 24th┬áDelta Crash will present the EP live at Charlatan Ghent, after which a tour will follow.