In prelude to his first album ‘Bla Bla Blue’, to be released early 2022, Delv!s the young Belgium singer-songwriter with a unique soul voice unveils his new EP ‘Walk Alone Tracks’.

We’ve known it for a while, Belgium is home to great music. Only today, its particularly the Flemish side you have to keep an eye on to discover boundless and devoted projects, with notably an innovating rap scene and a growing electronic scene of artists ready to trace the steps of pioneers like Soulwax. Soul wise, Delv!s is one of the revelations of the moment. A surname accenting his rock origins before hitting the stage, 30-year-old Niels Delvaux owes just as much to his demeanor as to his brown mop of hair and obvious love of music.

Because the artist is rather discrete. Which isn’t simple when you hover at two meters tall, and it becomes rigorously impossible for few to hear your voice when walking in the footsteps of the giants of soul and its divas. In order to hold on to a shed of light, Delv!s hired the services of an avatar, a figurine which resembles him and plays his role in the “Rebelman” clip, first extract of his upcoming album, revealed last July.
A pop-psych hymn layed in the groundworks which we find today on the EP “Walk Alone Tracks”. Accompanied side by side with images, the adventures of the muppet, but also musically apprehending another one of the many facets of Delv!s.

Bitter-sweet, throbbing and swaying, the “Walk Alone Track”, which recounts what we can feel when adventuring without goal and on our own, whilst evoking irresistibly the most beautiful torments of the soul with its brass and old heart. But it reveals in time the multitude of ingredients that entertains Delv!s’ music and his solid group accompanying him, filled with electric organ and amplified guitars painting the picture of the countryside. Even if he’s given us the ideal urban walk along track, it also reminds us nevertheless the harshness of the city and the feeling of solitude which dominates it.

However, here, hope is never far. Proved by the last track of the EP, “Round and Round”, a message to future generations, started by sounds of children’s games and interpreted in a soft comforting tonality. Everything needed to accept the evidence. Just as nostalgic as modern, the music and vocals from Delv!s, conscious and different, coming from the flat lands or out of the blue, do us good.