Eléonor: Age-old Latin texts about love, happiness, pride and melancholy  in a mix of fado, pop, chanson and jazz

Timelessness is what you feel listening to Eléonor.

Eléonor is the female voice Elly Aerden. She searched age-old Latin texts about love, happiness, pride and melancholy and set them to music: a melodious but subdued mix of fado, pop, chanson and jazz. It makes Latin sound not like an extinct but like a living, modern language. One would swear the lyrics were written today.

Eléonor nestles in your head. She soothes your pain. She makes you forget the roaring and brain. And on a sunny day you roll with Eléonor to southern places where temptation and passion rule the night.

Elly Aerden plays piano as night falls and then creates her own melodies… She studied Classical Singing with Elisabeth Hermans at the music academy of Turnhout, where she finished her degree magna cum laude.
In 2002 she won the First Prize during the singing contest organised by the Flemish Organ Days in Ghent.
She created music for several school shows and participated as a singer in musical theater pieces.
Interested in folk music, she followed trainings at home and abroad.
Since 2005 she is singing master herself at the summer internship for folk music in Gooik (Muziekmozaïek) and is teaching (folk singing) at the Music Academy of St. Niklaas, Herentals and Lebbeke.
Previously she was also member in projects like Bodixel, Mairan, Amorroma, Folklove Orchestra,. …

Listen to Eléonor here.