While recording their new album, Gentlemen of Verona were on the look-out for a producer who could help steer them in the right direction. Their man of choice was Warren Ellis, violinist/guitarist and musical genius of Bad Seeds, Grinderman and Dirty Three fame. ‘We sent Warren an email and he texted us back the very same day. He was in the middle of an Australian tour with Nick Cave, but said he was interested in helping us record the album’, says singer Debby Termonia. ‘He telephoned us one month later. He was very friendly and he talked to us about the direction we wanted our music to take. Due to soundtrack work and a theatre tour with Nick Cave, Ellis couldn’t physically attend the recordings, but he kept in touch with Gentlemen of Verona while they were recording. ‘We regularly sent Warren some songs we had recorded. He listened and gave us his opinion. “I like the rawness of it. And it sounds catchy too.”, he wrote. After months of emailing back and forth, he sent us a message saying all arrangements were in place. He signed off with “You’re gonna make a great Gentlemen of Verona-record”. At that moment, we knew that we were ready to put out the album.’

The first single from the new album is called ‘Dance Skills are Easy’ (Nod Your Head). A 1960’s instruction manual for ‘Modern Dancing’ was used as a guide to create the lyrics for the song. “I found the instructions in an old magazine. They were written in such a way that they matched the music perfectly’, says Debby Termonia. The videoclip of the song was constructed out of unused rushes from a 1960’s erotic movie. Jimmy Dewit (aka DJ Bobby Ewing/Discobar Galaxy) made a remix of the song.