With a self-titled EP young and promising songwriter Jill Shaw adds yet another chapter to her – already booming – career. One could regard this release as a fresh start, after a short period of contemplation and creative soul seeking. Shaw, known for her radio hit ‘Summer Sucks’, does not abandon her previous style entirely, but is keen on exploring new musical paths. The girlie pop has made room for a more mature sound and lyrics, inspired by the everyday life of a young and aspiring, adventurous woman. “I have put a lot of effort in this EP”, Jill says, “After the success of ‘Summer Sucks’ I needed some time to get to my senses; I wanted to find what I really wanted to convey, musically. Inspiration came. I read a lot, travelled to distant places and let everyday life seep into my writings. When I started with the composition of new songs I loved to lose myself into that ‘big book of inspiration’.” Working together with Arsenal’s John Roan proved to be an exciting trip. “It was great”, says Jill, “John not only has lots of studio experience, but also was an excellent mentor providing me with the right tools to shape the songs as I saw fit. A true sound wizard. A perfect match!” The result of this extraordinary cooperation is a 5-song EP, genuine Jill Shaw 2.0. Happy and exotic, with a dash of sixties-psychedelics, care free vibes and a sunny surf ambiance. Shaw’s EP could easily become your summer’s soundtrack, an excellent companion for lazy road trips, body boarding days or even the musical equivalent of ‘the closing of a sunny day’.