Jonathan Jeremiah will release his second solo studio album, ‘Oh Desire’ on March 27th, 2015 and follows that with a string of dates across Europe visiting The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland throughout May.

Recorded at Ray Davies of The Kinks Konk studio in North London, ‘Oh Desire’ sees Jonathan develop the outstanding songwriting talent demonstrated on his debut ‘A Solitary Man’ and his album with The Metropol Orkest, ‘Gold Dust’, to deliver a thirteen track journey through love, loss, despair and desire permeated by his sonorous baritone and exquisite guitar playing. Recording with his touring band for the first time sees Jonathan in a more collaborative mindset than was possible with his debut leading to what he describes as a magpie like collection’ that takes in soul, folk and country.

The result is an album rich in biographical storytelling, introducing us to Jonathan’s Irish heritage via the story of The Devil’s Bit in Country Tipperary, rooting us in his native London cityscapes and exploring the contrasting ideas of belonging and escaping your roots to find new experiences. Jonathan’s belief in music as a central emotional force persists with the boy who fell in love with classic soul on his paper delivery round still evident throughout a self-produced album of remarkable depth and craft.