Kapitan Korsakov – dangerously abbreviated to KKK – are back! After taking a break to focus on his other band RAKETKANON,  Pieter-Paul Devos (vocals / guitars) gathered his bandmates Pieter Van Mullem (bass) and Sigfried Burroughs (drums) to go camping in Chicago’s Electrical Audio Studios where they recorded the successor of the latest Kapitan Korsakov album “Stuff & Such” (2012).

Physical Violence Is The Least Of My Priorities” was recorded and mixed by kindred spirit Steve Albini and show Kapitan Korsakov at their best : An eclectic mix of uncompromised noiserock, catchy melodies bathing in a mudpool of distorted sounds and heartbreaking songs.

“There are no genres in music, there is only good, sincere music and there is bad music”, says guitarist / singer Pieter-Paul Devos.

Honest songwriting, authenticity and disregarding all things fashionable are Kapitan Korsakov’s trademarks. Quite the relief in times of mediocre radio-pollution.

Kapitan Korsakov is :
Pieter-Paul Devos : vocals / guitars
Pieter Van Mullem : bass
Sigfried Burroughs : drums / piano