Millionaire is back on a high. After a hiatus of twelve years Tim Vanhamel and his band return with ‘I’m Not Who You Think You Are’, a comeback-single with balls. “Nasty, groovy and edgy: this song contains all the familiar elements of Millionaire. We’re back”, boasts Vanhamel.

‘I’m Not Who You Think You Are’, a song about how we often misjudge people, is the first single from ‘Sciencing’, the long-awaited third Millionaire album, out on 19th of May with Unday Records. The album was recorded at elStudio, the all-new recording space of compatriot and sound engineer Jeff Claeys (Admiral Freebee, Jon Spencer & the Blues Explosion) in the Costa Rican village of Santa Teresa. “I’m Not Who You Think You Are’ is one of the first songs I made for ‘Sciencing’, in just one take”, says Vanhamel. “It set the tone and direction for the rest of the album.”

For the making of the video Millionaire appealed to Jonas Govaerts, director of the Flemish horror film Welp and the predecessor of Vanhamel as guitarist with The Hickey Underworld. He collaborated with animation wizard Jaak De Digitale, who is better-known for his visuals for Evil Superstars, Vermin Twins and Chrome Brulée. The video is made in the spirit of Blade Runner. In it, a girl (played by the Ghent photographer-cum-actress Stine Sampers) has a brilliant trip after she drinks a mysterious potion. “But”, Tim Vanhamel concludes, “as the song title suggests, not everything is what it seems.”


After having played guitar for Evil Superstars and dEUS, Tim Vanhamel released ‘Outside The Simian Flock’, his first Millionaire album in 2001. Muse and Queens of the Stone Age said they are fans and took the band on the road. Josh Homme, frontman of Queens of the Stone Age, briefly teamed up with Vanhamel for the Eagles of Death Metal and also produced the second Millionaire record, ‘Paradisiac’ (2005). After that, Vanhamel made a record under his own name, ‘Welcome to the Blue House’ (2008), and founded, among other things, Broken Glass Heroes and Eat Lions. He also joined Magnus and The Hickey Underworld as a guitarist. 2017 marks the triumphant return of Millionaire. Crack open the champagne!