With their debut album Binary Childhood a Huw Stephen’s ‘Album of the week’ and lead single Pay The Tax supported across Radio One, Otzeki present their latest single Angry Fix accompanied by their strongest video yet.

Directed by Will Pine the band describe it as “based on a clown character oversaturated by online media and the pressure to commodify his life. This character’s imagination has been seduced by the narcotic infinity of online interactions. Scrolling through images, quotes, messages, films, music and never truly engaging with anything for any length of time or being satisfied. He becomes impatient to the point of asphyxiation and in- ternalises this computer virus into the form of a real human sickness.”

Written with the help of avant-garde producer Beni Giles aka Adhelm, Binary Childhood teams Joel’s meticu- lous attention to deal with the improvisational methods and stream of consciousness writing that’s been a feature since Otzeki’s inception. Separate, spiritual awakenings in Berlin formed the catalyst for Sharp and Roberts’ musical alliance – their mission is a project built around balance and duality.