As a young boy, wandering around the woods, we often ended up at an abandoned holiday home with a swimming pool. Me and my friends spent many summers there and it became my favorite hideaway.
Flash forward to 2020, a year of decay. I lost my mother, the forests where we spent our childhood were cut down, our favorite place went up for sale.

I regularly went back there, to reminisce or to chill. The house has now been demolished, the swimming pool deteriorated. After it was emptied by the new owners, we made an morbid discovery: At least ten deer skeletons lay on the bottom. I took one home to clean up afterwards. Its skull is now on a shelf in my living room. The circle is complete.

Deer is the first track we get to unveil from Pauwel’s debut album on Unday, expected in Spring of 2022. After releasing his acclaimed pitch black debut EP in 2020, he started gathering a band and started writing a bunch of amazing new songs. This is the kind of music we like: unadorned, straight from the heart and inimitable.