Sherman made sure to get noticed the last couple of years with radio hits like ‘On Your Side’ and ‘Days Go By’. And his songs rapidly found their way to a broad audience thru numerous live performances both solo and with his 5-piece band.

Meanwhile he had also been working hard on recordings for a first full album, for which he called in the help of producer Jeroen Swinnen. And thru his further work with Swinnen, Sherman, slowly but steadily, developed more pronounced ideas about sound production and the direction that he wanted to take on his album debut.

Inspired by the work of some of Sherman’s personal heroes – a.o. Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac and Serge Gainsbourg – the duo set out to invoke that same transparent, dry and warm sound. And they do just that. With the ‘less is more principle’ clearly in mind, the songs are given only what they really need and nothing more.

The result is a ‘mature’ indie album with the kind of catchy pop songs that we already know Sherman for, but with arrangements that are kept more original and more transparent and a like-wise sparse production to go with it. In times of excess, simplicity should rule. That’s what Sherman is about. From the heart, to the heart.

Sherman’s debut album ‘Rise’ will hit the stores on November 9th and fans will be delighted that most of the songs that he’s been playing live finally made it onto this record. First single ‘Feel The Sun’ – a track for which director Wesley Jacobs also rolls out a very nice music video – will be released and serviced to radio on September 25th. The perfect musical score for the fall to come.