BABY QUEEN releases her debut album ‘THE YEARBOOK’

Check the album HERE.

The British monarchy is in bits but Baby Queen, real royalty, reigns supreme. The 23-year-old South Africa-born, London-based artist (real name Bella Latham) arrived in the pop sphere barely a year ago, but has already carved her name deep into its fabric with her crooked sceptre. She is, whether you’re ready or not, the genre’s new anti-hero.

That was a necessary first step in her ascent through the world as a new artist with something to say. But now she’s made her point, she’s ready to turn inwards. Enter a new era of Baby Queen’s story with her new mixtape, The Yearbook. “It’s an American coming-of-age film,” she says of the final project’s concept. “It feels confusing, happy, free, lonely… all of these things you go through when you are growing up”

A Baby Queen love song isn’t the sappy, same-old ballad you’re used to: they’re injected with equal doses of despondency and euphoria – each one like a crackled, 35mm movie playing on loop in your head.

British press about Baby Queen:

“One of pop’s most essential new voices” NME
“Her music really stands out for its unfailing honesty” Annie Mac, Radio 1
“Deadpan and hilarious” The New York Times
“Expect all eyes to be turning to Baby Queen pretty soon”
Dork Magazine
“An artist who is fresh out there… brilliant sugary sweet grunge” Jack Saunders, Radio 1
“[Baby Queen’s] sharptongued tunes have already gained her a mini cult following” i-D
“Possibly the planet’s best new pop entity” Popjustice
“The newcomer creating her own brand of infectious anti-pop” Wonderland
“London-based Baby Queen is coming for the crown” Billboard
“Quickly becoming one of our new faves” DIY