Brazilian rock band EGO KILL TALENT releases brand new EP ‘THE DANCE BETWEEN’

Check out the EP HERE.

Rock band Ego Kill Talent — Jonathan Dörr [vocals], Jean Dolabella [drums, guitar], Raphael Miranda [drums, bass], Niper Boaventura [guitar, bass], and Theo Van Der Loo [bass, guitar] —  have been pivoting for most of 2020.

The band was confirmed for a spring tour of South America with Metallica and Greta Van Fleet. Ego Kill Talent were also set to perform at the majority of the Danny Wimmer Presents Festivals in the U.S., to tour with System of a Down in Europe, and to perform at many key European festivals. All told, EKT had booked 35 shows and 21 key festivals across three continents. They are known for switching instruments amongst members while playing and were eager to show off their live prowess to audiences worldwide.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent global shutdown, Ego Kill Talent, like so many others, were forced to get creative — revamping and revising tour and album release plans.

Ego Kill Talent elected to split their full-length The Dance Between Extremes, which was originally due out in May of this year, into three EPs due to the pandemic.

The Dance EP landed on June 27. The Dance Between EP drops today, December 4. The third, final, and full release The Dance Between Extremes arrives on March 12, 2021.

‘Deliverance’ was written in the first batch of songs,” says Dörr. “It has a dark vibe, sonically speaking, which I think is really cool. It was chosen to open this second EP since it comes with big guitars, great choruses, and awesome grooves.”

“In Your Dreams Tonight”
“Sin and Saints”