CAMO & KROOKED release new album MOSAIK today!

The signing of electronic duo Camo & Krooked to Ram Records / BMG was met with adulation. Merging a dance music label with twenty-five years of industry-lead experience with one of drum & basses most iconic duos, the news signalled a high-calibre succession of releases for 2016 and beyond. Since then, their latest three singles and the announcement of their Ram debut Mosaik has demonstrated just how hard working the pair are, having already received critical acclamation for their previous three albums and recent BBC Radio1 Essential Mix.

After three long years of the deepest studio craft they’ve ever committed to, Camo (Reini) & Krooked (Markus) deliver their  most startling, detailed and singular body of work yet – ‘MOSAIK’.
Their fourth album since emerging in 2007, ‘MOSAIK’ is a pivotal document that elevates Camo & Krooked’s creative credentials, vision and technique to brave new levels. The result of years of studio hibernation, studying vintage analogue instruments, honing their instantly distinctive signature, songwriting skills and, in Markus’s case, even finding their own singing voice, ‘MOSAIK’ galvanizes the duo’s position as one of the most exciting, unique, innovative and in-demand acts in electronic music.
It’s clear that even now – 10 years, four albums and more than 50 singles deep into the partnership – Reini and Markus are only just beginning to embrace the scale of what can be achieved in the vast electronic playground. A decade of micro snapshots of broken pieces has set the foundations, each one hinting at their capabilities, now a macroscopic view falls into place, revealing something much more beautiful: ‘MOSAIK’  

A picture that will take as many listens to appreciate every nuance and detail as it took them hours to make; ‘MOSAIK’ deserves ‘opus’ classification. Every listen reveals more elements, instruments and dots to join; orchestral tension, loose-limbed jazz, cosmic techno, delicate provocative electronica all provide strong shades in ‘MOSAIK’s spellbinding collage. The canvas is drum & bass. But within this framework are fusions, motifs and ideas that are much harder, if not impossible, to succinctly file.

Their roots are everything. No matter how far and wide Camo & Krooked develop their ideas, compositions and studio technique, they remain grounded in their drum & bass roots and have never once alienated or confused their loyal fanbase as they’ve embraced other tempos, textures and terrains. It’s fanbase that has grown with them as they’ve worked with some of the most seminal and respected labels in their field (Hospital, Shogun Audio, Breakbeat Chaos, Viper) and striven the ranks of one of electronic music’s most competitive and technically profound genres.

‘MOSAIK’ is indeed the most critical release of their career so far. But as the dust settles and they set their sights on even further uncharted pastures, you already know that the next 10 years of their journey will be even bigger…

Listen to lastest single ‘Like I Do’ here.