When was the last time you surprised yourself? Or, more importantly: When are you going to surprise yourself again? Today would be a good day to just leave everything behind – and wake up miles away from home. Deepend and YOUNOTUS try this experiment in their new song “Woke Up In Bangkok”. The result is the most beautiful manual to travel lust since the invention of the word “Backpacker”.

“Sometimes I take a left / When everything is right”, says guest singer Martin Gallop before his decision to swim against the tide of the comfortable everyday life by packing up and leave. And surprisingly he real soon sees his life as clear in front of him as he never did be- fore – and one visit at a bar later he meets like-minded people on the road: “And I can see the road / When I turn off the light / I sleep under the stars / And then it starts to rain / Take cover in a bar / And run into a friend”, sings Gallop with his warm voice and the melodic Deep-House-Beats of the song who bond in a perfect symbiosis.

Stream/download ‘Woke Up In Bangkok’ HERE


Woke Up In Bangkok is a collaboration between the dutch DJ Deepend – also known for his hits Waiting For The Summer, To Rome and his Remix of Matt Simons’ Catch & Release that climbed up the German Charts to number 1 – and the Dj and Producer Duo YOUNOTUS from Berlin that had great success with songs like Lessons and Good to Me and achieved platinum records with Supergirl and Please Tell Rosie alongside Alle Farben. The Canadian musician Martin Gallop lives in Germany for many years now, and is well known for his work with Udo Lindenberg, Till Brönner and Annett Louisan..