DIJF SANDERS releases new album PUJA!

Check it out HERE.

Following the success of the critically acclaimed 2018 album ‘Java’, Brugge-born musical visionary Dijf Sanders is pleased to release his new album ‘Puja’ today via Unday Records.

A multi-instrumentalist and composer, David ‘Dijf’ Sanders combines a broad mix of styles including exotica, psychedelia, jazz and electronica, approached with a boundless enthusiasm for multicultural blends and influences.

Embarking on another musical adventure of mystic and wonder, Sanders travelled to Nepal to record ‘Puja’, using his field recordings and impressions to create a deeply enriched sound with the help of drummer Simon Segers (Black Flower, De Beren Gieren), saxophone player Mattias De Craene and sitar player Nicolas Mortelmans.

Tracks like new single ‘Ravana’ suggest a world infused by Nepalese, Tibetan, Chinese and Indian culture as broken beats and organic exotica combine to create a trance-like rhythmic flow while ‘Santoshi Mata’ sprouts through a hypnotic soundscape of sacred monk chants and eclectic vibrations.

The Ghent based musician was a one-time member of synth pop bands Teddiedrum and The Violent Husbands and he regularly collaborates on various projects and productions in Belgium at the same time, recently working with Warhaus, Sylvie Kreusch, Mattias De Craene’s MDC III and Wim Vandekeybus (Die Bakchen – Lasst uns tanzen), to name a few.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Dijf Sanders.

17/03, Stuk, Leuven
28/03, Jazzcats, Kortrijk
02/04 , De Roma, Antwerp
22/04, Handelsbeurs, Ghent