Already known for being a DJ and graphic designer, the ever so talented LOVRA proves herself as a talented producer. With her latest track ‘Homeless’, she creates a fresh sound combined with warm tones and emotional lyrics fueled by the voice of the US singer Tia Scola.

Listen to ‘Homeless’ here.

The Hessian born artist left her hometown and moved to Berlin, where her passion for electronic music took a greater shape. LOVRA’s creative musical growth was nurtured by using new technologies and by drawing endless inspiration from the interwebs.
Thanks to her high social media presence on platforms like Soundcloud, Instagram, etc., LOVRA’s tracks ‘Love Sensation’ and ‘Dreaming’ were praised by listeners quickly.
Today, her DJ sets are in great demand worldwide and she’s already dropped beats in trendy cities including Singapore, Bangkok, and London.
Bringing the Nashville-based, young and talented Tia Scola on board, the pair have created the perfect summer hit single ‘Homeless.’