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Belgian-Canadian UFO Edouard van Praet releases his new single and video clip ‘Ivresse de Minuit’ today. The song will be featured on his second EP, ‘Cycles’, set for a release on 25 November 2022.

An EP wouldn’t be complete without a French song talking about being intoxicated. The singer tries to fight his demons and loses perception of what’s inside and outside of him ending with histrionic vocals of frustration. The song is a mix between club music and krautrock with catchy vocals that evolve from pretty deep to surprisingly high. ‘Ivresse de Minuit’ feels like a scream of the heart.

In the video, shot as a one-shot film by Belgian director Alice Kohl, we follow a man (played by Edouard van Praet) who wakes up after a night of drinking, with a knife in his back, in search of thrills until he witnesses his own murder.

About Edouard and his new EP ‘Cycles’

Edouard van Praet has an insatiable appetite for ‘mutable’ music, at the frontier of genres and unbound by all conventions. In June 2021, Edouard van Praet had released his first EP, ‘Doors’. Five psychedelic folk/rock tracks, where voices, synths and guitars build a landscape that may seem familiar and immediately catch the ear.

A year later, he won a Tremplin at the annual contest organised by the Botanique, then at the Dour Festival. Nourished by the energy of the stage and the cathartic need to express himself through his music, he then moved on. His musical tastes broadened with the synthesizers of Feu! Chatterton, hyperpop (Sega Bodega) and cloud rap (Laylow). Contemporary to a troubled time, his neuroses grew bigger. To fight them, Edouard learned to link his two lives. Psychological studies (by day) and music (by night). Art through psychosis.

Now 25 years old, Edouard continues to explore the human psyche through his new and more personal EP ‘Cycles’. Where ‘Doors’ opened a way to the future, ‘Cycles’ takes a step back and remains a case study. A case study of who we really are. A project that is tighter and more anxiety-provoking, and therefore more creative, mature and accomplished.
Ultimately, it reflects its author and wanders between the beautiful and the bizarre.

16.12.22 Botanique, Brussel
15.03.23 De Leest cultuurhuis, Izegem
25.03.23 Maison Folie, Saint-Ghislain

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