EGO TROOPERS and SOUND OF STEREO release ‘GHETTO ACID’ on Fake Blood’s label!

Sometimes, when musical minds merge, great stuff happens! A few months ago the wonderkids from Ego Troopers and the musical cameleons of Sound of Stereo had a playdate to settle the scores in a few playstation fifa matches. Magic happened when they took out the good old 303 during half time. They swapped the controllers for a 909 drumkit and turned Mozes into a vocal wizard. Resulting in a great old school acid track with a catchy vocal hook.
check out the video for the song here.

Throwing a 90s acid house inspired music video in the mix just took it to the next level. No nonsense! Real Acid made in Belgium!

No other date than 3/03 to release this EP and what better place than Fake Blood’s Bloodmusic label. Topped with incredible remixes from Boys Noize records’ BS1 and UK based J Tijn who’s been throwing around freshness over at Tiga’s Turbo records!