ELéONOR launches her first single ERROS from debut album!

Eléonor presents her first single Erros. This somewhat mysterious title combines the words ‘Eros’ and ‘Error’, melting together ‘love’ and ‘error’. It unfolds a story of passionate dangerous secrets, in which our imagination plays a leading role. Which is portrayed in the animation video for the single.

Watch the video for ‘Erros’ here

Eléonor’s album with the same title ‘Erros’ is produced by Jo Francken (producer of amongst others Milow, Dez Mona, Sir Yes Sir) and is set for a September 22nd release date via Music & Words.

Singer Elly Aerden searched ancient Latin texts about love and happiness, pride and melancholy and put them to music, bringing them to life again in an harmonious but gentle mix of fado, pop, chanson and jazz. Her Latin is not a dead language, it is universal and understandable to all.

Elly Aerden was classically schooled but her fascination with folk- and world music led her to many different places where she immersed herself in all sorts of music. You might recognise her from previous projects to which she lent her voice such as Mairan, Bodixel, Moralia, Olla Vogala… With her very own project Eléonor she mixes musical perfection and emotion into a refreshing Latin blend.

Eléonor will present ‘Erros’ live for the first time on September the 16th in the unique setting of the Castle of Saffelberg in Gooik. This is an invitation only event.

More info: www.eleonor.be.

Booking: www.linkwadraat.be.