ELODIE IMANI shares her first single ‘Lose First’

Listen/download the single here

Elodie born in 1990 is a singer/songwriter situated In Ghent a small city in Belgium. Elodie has roots in Iran (Tehran), moved to California at a young age and finished high school in the UK. Because of her travels, she has been exposed to different cultures and music that influenced her unique sound. She began experimenting with different sounds that she picked up at a young age watching her father playing in a rock band. She decided to pick up the guitar herself and started to produce her own music. Along the way she met producers Matthieu Van Laethem & Mathieux Lenoir and started to work on her debut EP self-titled “Tripping in Honey”. Their music visions complemented each other and together they created a mix of African percussion and rythms, pop folk with a touch of middle eastern vocal sounds, layered with electronic Beats.

Tripping in Honey is moved by emotional independence and the day to day struggle of a young woman in her 20’s. Her Single “Lose First” is the first song she’s releasing under the label Golden Section. Lose First is about overcoming the feeling of losing and not giving up hope in life. “Lose first” is a song that will encourage you to dance and forget all your sorrows.

Tripping in Honey will be released in 2019.