Even more new names for GENT JAZZ: Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog, TaxiWars, Niklas Paschburg, Lady Linn (duo) and others!

Even more new names Gent Jazz ‘Back to Live’:
Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog, TaxiWars, Niklas Paschburg,
Antoine Pierre Urbex Electric, Lady Linn (duo), Compro Oro,
Donder & Apeland, Cinema Paradiso, Sohnarr & Dishwasher

A new week, a new batch of Gent Jazz names. Even better: more and more days are taking shape. On Sunday, July 18, for example, Tigran Hamasyan Trio will be joined by both American guitar legend Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog and local heroes Compro Oro.

In the past year, Ceramic Dog spent quite some time in the studio. The three musicians wanted those sessions so covid-proof, though, that they couldn’t even see each other. “But we heard each other better than ever,” Ribot said afterwards. The result? As always, a pickled mix of punk, roots, and jazz. Compro Oro, with its characteristic mix of exotic jazz, undiluted Americana, and even Turkish psychedelia, also has new material. So, expect to discover tons of new music on July 18!

With TaxiWars as headliner, the bill for Friday, July 9 is also complete. José James already confirmed to play his 2008 breakthrough album The Dreamer on that day, Naima Joris her recent breakthrough EP, and now, Tom Barman (dEUS) and Robin Verheyen’s dynamite jazz band is set to play … well, no specific breakthrough material, but enough captivating songs to make it clear that TaxiWars has grown into being one of the best Belgian jazz bands.

Another complete bill: on Tuesday, July 13, Lady Linn will descend on the Bijloke, besides Jef Neve and Tutu Puoane Quartet. The Ghent jazz singer usually performs with her Magnificent Seven, but at Gent Jazz, she will be performing a more intimate set. Only Black Flower double bass player Filip Vandebril will be accompanying her.

On Sunday, July 11, Niklas Paschburg and Sohnarr are heading for Gent Jazz. The former is increasingly mentioned in the same breath as Nils Frahm: the 26-year-old German composer sublimely mixes classical piano with electronics. The latter does the same with violin: Sohnarr is the stunningly beautiful new project of Patricia Vanneste, who played strings with Belgium’s leading rock band Balthazar for fourteen years. Last week, we already announced that Wim Mertens will be closing that day.

Antoine Pierre Urbex Electric and Donder & Apeland are the first names for Saturday, July 10. Antoine Pierre Urbex Electric will be presenting its album Suspended – an impressive tribute to Miles Davis. And Donder & Apeland are the winners of our jazz contest Jong Jazztalent Gent 2019. Donder is a piano trio from this neck of the woods and Sigbjørn Apeland a harmonium player from Norway, where jazz and folk are more closely linked than in Belgium. At Gent Jazz, they will be immersing themselves in the folk heritage of the Low Countries.

Finally, there are these two remarkable Belgian jazz bands: Cinema Paradiso on Monday, July 12, and Dishwasher on Saturday, July 17. The first is inspired by the music of American jazz drummer Paul Motion, and they’ll open the festival on the day Gonzalo Rubalcaba & Aymée Nuviola are set to play. The second one claims to make kraut jazz – self-knowledge is a virtue – and opens on the day of STUFF.

All names so far: STUFF., José James, Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog, Jef Neve, Tigran Hamasyan Trio, Wim Mertens, TaxiWars, Niklas Paschburg, Lady Linn, Gonzalo Rubalcaba & Aymée Nuviola, Antoine Pierre Urbex Electric, Tutu Puoane Quartet, Dijf Sanders, Compro Oro, Cinema Paradiso, Naima Joris, Donder & Apeland, Sohnarr, Bandler Ching & Dishwasher.

Gent Jazz ‘Back to Live’ is made possible with the support of Flanders State of the Arts.

Tickets cost €39 – €44 and are only available via www.gentjazz.com. Children’s tickets (-12 years) cost €8. Gent Jazz takes place, as always, at the Bijloke, Ghent.