Evocative country singer-songwriter DOUG SEEGERS releases new album ‘A STORY I GOT TO TELL’

Check out the album here.

Evocative country singer-songwriter and former street musician DOUG SEEGERS returns with his third solo album of transformative storytelling, A STORY I GOT TO TELL.

Informed once again by Seegers’ unforgettable life story of tragedy, addiction and homelessness – redeemed by love and an immense artistic talent – A STORY I GOT TO TELL will include 11 gripping new songs, all delivered by a common man’s poet with plenty left to say.

From shuffling honky-tonk tales of life on the street to soul filled classic-country ballads and more, A STORY I GOT TO TELL pulls the listener in from its opening notes. The contemplative ‘White Lines’ reveals the quiet, lonely struggle of a man hitchhiking on the interstate. Seegers toys with upbeat, Latin-inspired folk on the femme-fatale lovers anthem ‘Demon Seed’ imparts the hard won personal wisdom of maintaining sobriety on ‘Give It Away’ and recounts the story of his own tragic childhood through the eyes of an 8-year-old girl in ‘Angel From a Broken Home’.

All this and more as the inspirational artist continues to write and record some of the most authentic country music Nashville has to offer. After supporting himself for years as a homeless street musician, Seegers was plucked from obscurity in 2013 by Swedish artist and TV presenter Jill Johnson, who featured him on her show Jills veranda. Quickly building an international following, Seegers’ Going Down to the River debut was released in 2014, hitting #1 on Swedish Albums Chart and fueling widespread critical attention back home.

He has since toured the country and released a number of recording projects, including In Tandem (with Jill Johnson), Let’s All Go Christmas CarolingWalking on the Edge of the World and Sings Hank Williams. Seegers released his autobiography, Going Down to the River, in September of 2018.