FRITZ KALKBRENNER releases a new single called VOID

With the release of ‘Ways over Water’ Fritz Kalkbrenner brought us his musically rich third studio album in October 2014.

He charted the album at #6 in the german charts while his first single ‘Back home’ made it to #19 and scores still hundreds of plays every week at daytime radio.

For 2015 Fritz Kalkbrenner is not only touring Europe extensively – he has also a brand new single ready for his fans and listeners. ‘Void’ which will be available on his Berlin homebase label ‘Suol’

The new single has a very strong chorus based on well made lyrics on an almost classic House Beat. You find all those charismatic, emotional and sometimes melancholic moments in here which are Fritz Kalkbrenner’s well received trademark elements.

This time ‘Void’ comes with a strong Remix package to conquer the clubmusic scene all over the world. Remixes come from the brazilian legend Gui Boratto and the german Dj/Producer André Hommen hailing from Dennis Ferrer Objektivity camp. Additionally german newcomer Talul and Baron Dafoe deliver a fine piece of progressive house rework for ‘Void’.