FRITZ KALKBRENNER releases new album today WAYS OVER WATER

Fritz Kalkbrenner, German producer and singer, releases his third studio album ‘Ways Over Water‘ on his Berlin Label SUOL today. And it shows one more time, why Fritz is one of the most independent artists in Germany. These twelve Tracks including catchy singles such as ‘Back Home‘ and ‘Void’ inspire with their high musical and production-related quality.
You can rely on Fritz Kalkbrenner. While his fellow producers and DJs wear themselves out with demanding tour schedules that leave them with no energy for the studio, Kalkbrenner unfailingly releases a new album every two years. And instead of resting on his laurels, he refines his sound through every album, takes risks and impresses us again with his vocal and production skills. Hence the excitement about his eagerly awaited new album.
‘Ways Over Water’ is the name of the new, third studio album. Like it’s predecessors, ‘Ways Over Water’ was produced in the Suol-Studios in Kreuzberg and follows the musical direction Fritz Kalkbrenner started with his debut single ‘Wingman’ in 2009. The well made production of ‘Ways Over Water’ sounds even fuller and more at ease with itself than anything that Suol’s Soul-Boy Number 1 has produced to date.

‘Ways over Water’ will be released today through BMG with a PIAS distribution.
Fritz Kalkbrenner will be in concert at the Ancienne Belgique on Nov the 21st.