‘Castles made of Sand’ is Go Go Berlin’s new single from the debut album ‘New God’ and shows a more thoughtful and toned down version of the energetic rock band. The tempo has slowed down but the rock n roll attitude is still full on visible. The melody is sharp and there is plenty of room for Christian Vium’s strong vocals to unfold.

“The track is inspired by the mood and lyrical universe in one of my absolute favorite songs from Lou Reed: “Caroline Says ll”. The song is about the unfortunate destiny of Caroline. A young beautiful woman who dies or burns too brightly too soon”, says lead singer Christian Vium.

‘Castles Made of Sand’ is like the rest of ‘New Gold’ permeated with Go Go Berlin’s deep understanding for rock history. They are standing on the shoulders on some of the greatest names. But not names tied to a certain period or sound. Go Go Berlin echoes of a jumble of The Doors, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Clash, The Strokes, Kings of Leon….and so forth.

Watch the video for ‘Castles Mad of Sand’ here

Go Go Berlin is truly a rock n roll story about grabbing what life throws your way and swallowing it raw. About hard work in the studio. About letting inspiration flow freely. About believing that all good things comes to those who wait and working for it. About driving all over Denmark in a beat up Ford Escort with a trailer full of music gear. About fine tuning shows with the ambition that everybody has to be carried away in the music.

Go Go Berlin will be in concert on October the 24th at Het Depot in Leuven!