HANNAH EPPERSON launches second single from new album!

Armed with her violin, loop pedal and voice, sonic weaver Hannah Epperson played numerous concerts across Europe in early 2016 and elated the audiences. With her touching tones she casted a spell on everyone attending her shows. But Hannah Epperson is way more than a „quiet“ neo-classical artist. All her songs also exist as pop versions and unfold a captivating dynamic in this vesture. So it’s only consequent to release both versions as a two-piece album project called ‘Slowdown // Upsweep’. On each album there will be songs in a pop format (Amelia) and in a reduced neo-classical format (Iris).

Epperson gives a taste of the neo classical side of her album with the new single Circles (Iris), hitting the shelves last Friday. Treating the listener to the incredibly soulful way of playing her violin, Hanna Epperson gives you goosbumps from the very first second, her fragile voice matching the vulnerability of her instrument. It is only in the chorus that the clouds lift and sunbeams shine through the menace built up before. In using all the different varieties the violin offers, Hanna Epperson is second to none tapping out the full potential of her instrument. One moment grating and penetrative, orchestrally the next, deeply touching throughout. The impression of instrument and player amalgamating makes it all the more timeless. At the same time, Eppersons voice fights its battles with the contradictions of life. Like the violin, her vocals grate and burn, cautiously opening up only when the chorus arrives. Especially live the symbiosis of Hannah Epperson, her vocals and her violin is utterly breathtaking.

Listen to ‘Circles (Iris)’ here.
The Album ‘Upsweep’ will be released on September 16th through Sonic Rendezvous.

Right after the release of the album Hannah Epperson will play an extensive tour with more than 30 concerts in England, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Hungary, France, Spain and Portugal.
Hannah will be in concert at Huis 23 in Brussels on October the 6th