IBRAHIM MAALOUF releases 3 tracks from his upcoming album!


All I Can’t Say (feat. Sting)
Red & Black Light
All Around the wall

Listen to/download the 3 tracks HERE
‘All I Can’t Say’ first released on the album S3NS back in 2019, was revisited with new arrangements, then remastered especially for this album. For the very first time featured as an instrumentalist on an album, Sting played guitar on this piece.

This collaboration was a natural fit for Ibrahim Maalouf and Sting. The two of them became friends years ago after sharing the stage a few times, and worked together back in 2009, on the English singer’s album If On A Winter’s Night.

The song explores the theme of distance, whether it is: physical, in times of social distancing, figuratively with the lack of human contact caused by the ubiquity of social media, or even emotional, when the distance is a symptom of incomprehension between two people. The theme of the song resonated a lot with Sting and made him join Ibrahim with his guitar.

The 40 MELODIES album, due for release on November 6, 2020, is a celebration of the multi-award-winning musician’s 40th birthday.

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23/03/2021 Cirque Royal – Brussels
24/03/2021 De Roma – Antwerp
09/05/2021 Mithra Jazz – Liège
09/07/2021 Gent Jazz – Ghent