IBRAHIM MAALOUF releases a new video for S3NS, taken from his latest album 40 MELODIES!

40 MELODIES vinyl version – out 04/12
Check out the video HERE.

On November 6th40 MELODIES was released, the latest opus of French Lebanese trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf. Now available on all platforms, the album celebrating the musician’s fortieth birthday reached more than one million streams on Spotify in less than 48h! Following the launch of this new project in a duet with his longtime collaborator guitarist François Delporte, the award-winning musician now reveals the official video of the single S3NS.

Back in 2019, remaining faithful to his unique style Ibrahim Maalouf managed to turn the infamous Cuban clave into a universal maelstrom inspired by jazz, Oriental music, and electronic music on the track S3NS from his eponym album.

Revisited by the duet on the new album 40 MELODIES, this song is a musical exploration of the heart and the sense of rhythm. Through the process, the multi-instrumentalist wonders: “Is it a coincidence that our hearts, holding the secret of life, have a pulse very much like a dancing rhythm? I am looking for meaning, and I can’t find it, but music helps me in this quest.”

This music video strikes by its sobriety, taking place in the exceptional setting of the Arena of Nimes, where the tandem appears back-to-back in the contrast of shadows and lights. In this lunar-like landscape, the images enhance the magistral interpretation of the two musicians, both of them playing face to the vastness.

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