IS TROPICAL premieres video for SAY on Les Inrocks

‘Say’ is a love story of two hopeless misfits that don’t fit with anyone else and don’t want to. It’s a song for the time they fall apart and get lost. Like a pair of socks.
Today sees the premiere of the video for ‘Say’. About the video: ‘Whilst on tour in Milan we filmed an acoustic session for Rolling Stone magazine, we noticed they had a green screen room and did a quick one take with Kirstie in front of it. Slowly over the next 2 weeks, in between the playing and parties, we added a visual trip behind, in an attempt of hypnotising the viewer into saying they are also lonely. Watch in the dark on full screen for full effect.’
Watch the video here
‘Say’ is taken from Pt. 2 of the album ‘Black Anything’, out now via Axis Mundi Records!