IVY FALLS presents her new EP ‘THE LIGHT’

Check the EP HERE.

Ivy Falls, the delicate indie-pop band hailing from Ghent Belgium, continues its journey with this new EP. Their sound is characterised by subtle electronics, disarming vocals and meticulous arrangements. Fien Deman’s silky soft, almost ethereal voice makes your head spin while her songs alternately soothe and sting you.

Fien calls this project her baby. She writes, arranges and co-produces all of the songs. She already made waves before as guest vocalist or sidekick (with Satin Jackets, Illuminine, Hydrogen Sea, I will, I swear) but this is Fien at the controls. Fien found her studio accomplices for this new chapter in Daan Schepers (Warhola, Bazart) and Pieterjan Coppejans (Eefje De Visser). Jasper Maekelberg (Balthazar, Faces on TV), Sebastiaan Van den Brande (Amatorski) and Dijf Sanders also contributed.

After releasing ‘Mean Girls’, Ivy Falls’ debut EP in 2017, the band was able to play acclaimed venues such as Gent Jazz Festival, Boomtown, Ancienne Belgique, Trix, Botanique, alongside SigridMabel and Jessie Ware to name a few. The ‘Mean Girls’ EP was praised by press and radio and landed her over half a million streams.

For this new EP, Fien gathered 3 musicians to form the Ivy Falls band: Trui Amerlinck (Tsar B), Jasper Morel (Black Box Revelation) and Simon Raman (Steiger). The songs for the new record, coming out on November 15, have crystallized into velvety, warm and mature arrangements.

Ivy Falls songs often deal with resolving internal conflicts and dealing with one’s own – and other people’s – expectations, the struggles of growing up. More specifically on this record, Fien aims to grasp the abstract yet very distinct concept of ‘The Light’ with references throughout this new EP. She added this quote to the back of the vinyl: “Though I’m not sure whether we’ll ever manage the craft of fueling the light when it’s needed, let’s pretend that we do or at least we once will.”


19/11/19 Release showcase, Gent
29/01/20  Handelsbeurs, Gent
04/02/20 Depot, Leuven