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‘The Bay Fire’ is the third single drop from Jackson Mico Milas’ highly anticipated debut album ‘Blu Terra’. The accomplished musician and composer has gained prominence with his band High Highs, who were signed to Elton John’s Rocket Records label, as well as touring with the likes of Vampire WeekendEmpire Of The Sun and Sky Ferreira.

The new single follows previous release ‘White Noise’, which Earmilk described as “a record that feels so good to hear you will want to keep it on repeat and in rotation for time to come”, and previous single ‘Lost In Seasons’, which BBC 6 Music’s Cerys Matthews described as “So beautiful” after playing it on her show.

The British-Australian artist hits his stride with this tender and emotive composition, delicate piano, soft vocals and sweeping atmospherics are at their most potent here. Carefully placed touches of subtle saxophone, strings and electronics make a sumptuous evolving background for this deep and melancholic track.

The accompanying video for ‘The Bay Fire’ is the second of three videos which will progressively expand visually to narrate the ‘Blu Terra’ album’s journey to its November 2022 release on Apollo. The visual captures the introspective nature of the track perfectly, with Jackson performing the song alone in a secluded warehouse with his gorgeous vocal harmonies escalating to epic effect, while nostalgic scenes from the past are interspersed, leaving the viewer immersed in a vital experience.

‘The Bay Fire’ by Jackson Mico Milas is available on Apollo from 16th September 2022.