JAGUAR JAGUAR releases new single ‘OUT OF SIGHT’

Check the single HERE.
Wacht the video HERE.

Jaguar Jaguar is releasing their new single  ‘Out of Sight ft. Témé Tan’ – featured on the upcoming EP ‘Madelyn’, which will presented March 1st 2020 at the AB Box.
The band was founded just one year ago, but in that time they have been working on a new chapter that will expand their audiovisual world. Together with their new EP, Jaguar Jaguar will release a corresponding short film.

After sunny Spain, where they wrote their first EP “Montjoi”, the band travelled to remote French forests to work on new material in all tranquility. Summer becomes Autumn. The Lynchian environment inspired them to merge music and film. Just like all previous video clips, this film is directed by photographer Tina Herbots and guitarist Emiel Raeymaekers. Every song on the EP gets a visual counterpart.

With the beginning of this new chapter, the band steps out of their musical comfort zone and collaborates with the Brussels/Congolese Témé Tan who features on the first single “Out Of Sight”. The accompanying clip is an excerpt from the short film that will be released together with the EP in the spring of 2020.

On March 1st 2020, Jaguar Jaguar will play at the AB Box where they will present their new material to the general public. In their first year of existence, they built up a live reputation during their (nearly sold out) club tour at AB Club, Het Depot, Cactus Club, Muziekodroom, De Warande, etc. In addition, they performed a number of shows outside the national borders. Attracted by the south, they went to Lisbon, Portugal, where they won the first prize at the “Festival Termòmetro” music competition. There they were picked up by Antena 3, SBSR Radio and played at the prestigious NOS Alive festival.

In this new chapter you can expect an audiovisual trip through the jungle where these jaguars feel most at home.

1/03, AB Club, Bruxelles