JENNIE ABRAHAMSON presents new single PHOENIX!

On Sept 15th Jennie Abrahamson releases her latest album ‘Gemini Gemini’, her fourth since the firstling ‘Lights’ (2007), and sets off on a tour across Europe.

Her new single may not remind us of anything we’ve heard from her before, but there’s no mistaking who’s behind it. With its spare beat, rumbling bass and aerial vocals, ‘Phoenix’ moves with few and simple parts from elegant minimalism to explosive maximalism – a sort of oscillating between extremes that has become somewhat of a sign for Jennie’s music.

She claims to be fascinated by the inherent duality all humans seem to carry; our ability to both rationality and irrationality, good and evil, development and stagnation, our ever-elusive separation of sense and sensibility. This gave inspiration to the album title and the lyrical theme – where ‘Phoenix’ plays the part of a comfort song for someone who has been led astray by life and circumstances.

Live dates
Sept 23 Café Video, Ghent
She can also be seen supporting Peter Gabriel on Nov 12 Palais 12, Brussels