To be released in full on September 8th ‘Gemini Gemini’ will be the fourth full-length album from Jennie Abrahamson. Written in the spring, recorded in the summer and completed in the winter, Gemini Gemini encompasses this full seasonal shift reflected in the polarity of people.
Produced by Jennie with longterm colleague Johannes Berglund (The Knife, Shout Out Louds, Owen Pallet) as co-producer and engineer, contributors include Mikael Häggström (Jenny Wilson, Ane Brun, Nåden), kawala flutist Roland Keijser, singer and cellist Linnea Olsson and the Wild is the Heart Choir:  Ane Brun, Charlotte Centervall, Sarah Frey, Nina Kinert, Linnea Olsson, Monica Starck and AKvon Malmborg.

The recipe is equal parts of 80’s, wide expanses of northland, bell-like asian kitsch and noisy rhythms from warmer countries. The catchwords are minimalistic maximalism – desiring a lot of sound but from as few and clear sources as possible. The juxtaposition of a melodic rawness is often driven by tribelesque rhythms and the duality of man that is so central to this album in all its forms comes to resonate through song after song; our ability to both rationality and irrationality, good and evil, development and stagnation, our ever-elusive separation of sense and sensibility. This gave inspiration to the album title and the lyrical theme.

Born in the North of Sweden in the small town of Sävar close to the coastal town of Umeå – a whispered destination known for giving birth to numerous musicians from its spectral, stark and silent landscape, Jennie initially spend many years playing as a musician with various artists until a calling for a solo career pulled her out of the pack in 2006. To this date she has released four highly-praised albums (Lights – 2007; While the sun’s still up and the sky is bright – 2009; The Sound of Your Beating Heart – 2011, Gemini Gemini – 2014).

Since the release of her last album ‘The Sound of Your Beating Heart’, in 2011 she has kept herself busy touring not only with her own band but also as part of Ane Brun’s band, and most recently Jennie returned from supporting and singing alongside her childhood idol, Peter Gabriel on a tour across North America and Europe.

‘Gemini Gemini’ will be released through Surburban on September the 8th.