JUNGLE releases brand new album ‘LOVING IN STEREO’


“London dance duo turned 14-legged groove machine Jungle have a track record of disco-infused floorfillers” – The Guardian

“Like Goldie and LTJ Bukem at The Blue Note in the mid 90s, Jungle got their groove back.” – Mixmag

“Their third effort sees them significantly expanding their horizons, and blowing the idea of what a Jungle song can be wide open.” – NME

“There are few music producers who can create bold and striking pieces of art to the high level that Jungle can” – 1883
With a billion streams, two Top 10 albums, 750,000 album sales and a Mercury Prize nomination, the iconic production duo Jungle are one of the UK music scene’s biggest success stories. Now they return bigger, bolder and more ambitious than ever before with their eagerly anticipated third album ‘Loving In Stereo’, which is out today, August 13th.

‘Loving In Stereo’ is a dynamic disco record for the post social distancing age, with a dancefloor-igniting celebration of all the things that make music irresistibly fun. This new era in the Jungle story is further fuelled by the duo simultaneously channelling a distinctive pop immediacy and significantly broadening the scope of their sound.

The result is an album that will take Jungle into the upper reaches of charts all over the world, as their modernist disco-rooted pop introduces them to a massive new audience. They’ve already become sought after collaborators by some of the world’s biggest artists, as evidenced by their recent Diplo collab ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ and their newly announced dates supporting Billie Eilish on her ‘Happier Than Ever’ tour in June 2022 (Dublin, Manchester, London).

So many fans have fallen in love with the outpouring of joy and energy that Jungle’s renowned live experience delivers. Those qualities surge through the speakers at almost every moment of the record – and imagine the scenes when they’re finally able to tour again later this summer. Propelled by the pulse-raising rush of pushing the BPM through the ceiling, the album finds life-long friends J and T going back to their roots, making music for the sheer enjoyment of it and following their instincts.

As they explain, “We learned to capture the energy of the moment as best as possible without overthinking it. We also realised that our previous albums had a laidback swagger and had never pushed the tempo beyond 120bpm, so this whole level of energy was missing, like we had had a glass ceiling over the project. Our main goal was to let go of perfection and embrace how energetic and real our music could be.”

Energetic and real are the first words that come to mind when you hear their huge summer singles ‘Truth’‘Keep Moving’ and ‘Talk About It’. The world has embraced this new supercharged version of Jungle. The latter two singles have earned playlists at Radio 1 after being highlighted as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record, while further playlists have come from 6 Music. They have also made a huge international impact at streaming platforms with over a billion streams to date and countless New Music Friday and New Music Daily adds.

‘Romeo’ represents Jungle’s first ever feature collaboration. The pair met rapper Bas when they shared the bill at the Greatest Day Ever festival on Coney Island. Hitting it off immediately, they regrouped several months later when Bas joined them in London, where they created ‘Romeo’ – a charismatic, old school hip-hop track that captures the spirit of togetherness and catalyses the sound of the record.

The sessions at The Church cultivated an exuberant, live-in-the-moment ambience that you can hear in ‘Keep Moving’, the nostalgic yet postmodern ‘All Of The Time’ and the avant-funk/post-punk attack of ‘What D’You Know About Me?’.  The album also bursts into sounds that we haven’t heard from Jungle before. ‘Fire’ is a case in point, it’s hard-hitting drum breaks providing the foundations for an exploration of sonics which are intriguely impossible to pinpoint. ‘Truth’ goes further still, with a driving Motorik rhythm, punk-infused energy and uplifting vocal harmonies.

Jungle’s open-minded embrace of everything new also resulted in another feature, this time with rising star Priya Ragu. At the end of a session together, suggested they race through one final idea. The result, ‘Goodbye My Love’, captures Priya’s voice in a new way: jazzy, loungey and tinged with psychedelia. Jungle also took the time to reunite with their old friend Inflo (Michael KiwanukaLittle Simz), which resulted in the trio writing ‘Talk About It’.
And Jungle save the best for last with ‘Can’t Stop The Stars’. Intricately detailed with strings, brass and woodwind, it’s a cinematically scaled, skybound composition with a modest message of “trying to free yourself from the unrealistic expectations we all have of ourselves and ultimately being able to live a more happy and fulfilled life as a result.”   
‘Loving In Stereo’ is the focal point of the wider Jungle experience, in which music, aesthetics and choreography co-exist as one distinctive artistic vision. J and T are curators of the wider Jungle universe, and that universe is expanding all the time. The duo’s powers as visual artists and video producers have grown in stature in parallel with the world-conquering scale of their music.

Their attention-grabbing videos have always been hugely engaging, but this time they’re taking that approach to new heights as JFC Productions (Charlie Di Placido and J) have directed a video for every single track on the album. And as their recent videos have hinted at, they all form part of a wider narrative that will become clear as each one is unveiled – adding a new layer of depth to the physicality, startling movement and blend of urban locations with street style that have become essential hallmarks of Jungle’s visual aesthetic.

The streamlined new album cover reflects their mantra that the music is the most important thing to the duo and their fans, but it also shares a visual style with their previous two albums.

The album will be launched with a full length video screening in Dolby Atmos at Picturehouse Cinema Piccadilly on August 11th, followed by a special show at Kingston’s Pryzm on August 12th in association with the town’s renowned indie store Banquet Records. They will then visit three Rough Trade stores for DJ sets and signing sessions, calling at Bristol (August 13th, midday), London (August 13th7pm) and Nottingham (August 15th6pm). There will be a ticketed livestream of the album in full at 20.00 BST on August 13th. Tickets here.

In an exciting first, today, August 13th, Jungle will launch a global NFT auction with Serenade. Available for auction will be special micro-videos to accompany each of the album’s fourteen tracks, a production masterclass with Jungle’s J, and a Loving In Stereo season pass, granting 2 people guest list access to an unlimited number of Jungle live shows on the ‘Loving In Stereo’ tour.

Also today, August 13thJungle will be bringing their inimitable universe to London’s Boxpark, Shoreditch, immersing fans in the ‘Truth’ video through a special live dance performance in the set from the music video. Performances will take place approximately every hour from 11am – 7pm and there will be a popup shop selling merch and records.

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