KIEFER SUTHERLAND releases new album RECKLESS & ME today!

Stream/download the album HERE

Kiefer’s second album ‘Reckless & Me’ is out today via BMG as follow up to his critically acclaimed 2016 debut ‘Down In A Hole’. Once again produced by Jude Cole, ‘Reckless & Me’’ is a stunning 10-track record, consisting of beautifully arranged ballads and authentic country rockers with Sutherland’s distinctive and unmistakable voice.

Sutherland’s three-decade acting career has made him a familiar face around the globe, but his other passion is music: “I asked myself, what is the thing that I love about acting, and music? What is the common denominator? For me it’s storytelling and music is a very different way of doing it.”

Though he loves writing and recording, the stage holds a special place in his heart, and for the last three years, he’s toured extensively earning a reputation as a relentless road warrior. His primary motivation as an artist is the thrill of forging that connection with his audience through music. “I couldn’t have imagined the depth with which I have fallen in love with touring. To have the opportunity to convey intimate, personal stories to an audience has proven to be priceless,” Kiefer said.