LADY LINN releases new single COME OUT AND PLAY!

Listen to ‘Come Out and Play’ HERE

Watch the video for ‘Come Out and Play’ HERE
The happy guitar riff and groovy beat of Lady Linn’s husband and bass player Filip Vandebril formed the first impetus for ‘Come out and Play’. The relaxed and uplifting vibe made Lady Linn think of summer, letting it all go, loosen up, come outside with friends and play music together.  Immediately the chorus popped into her head : Come out and play !

She perfected the songwriting with Jonathan Jeremiah, Joris Caluwaerts (production) & Frederik Heirman (horn arrangement). It was recorded with her band The Magnificent Seven and two great vocalists Gustaph and Monique Harcum .‘Come out and Play’ is an invitation to happiness & togetherness, to enjoy live to the fullest !

‘Come out and Play’ is the first single of the second EP Sea of Trees, which will be released later this year.

9/11 Vooruit, Ghent
19/11 Lux, Herenthout
24/11 AB, Brussels