LENNY KRAVITZ releases video for single LOW today!

Lenny Kravitz releases the video for his new single ‘Low’, which comes off of his upcoming album, ‘Raise Vibration’. Click HERE to view. ‘Raise Vibration’ is set to release on September 7th, 2018 and available for pre-order now, click HERE

Directed by acclaimed photographer and music video director Jean-Baptiste Mondino, the powerful clip uniquely presents Kravitz’s new single in a compelling singular setting.

“Jean Baptiste has been a part of my family since the beginning of my career. He has an acute ear for hearing the essence of a song and always finds a unique way to present it visually. When he heard “Low” for the first time he focused on the beat and kept listening to it over and over. The result was a black room, black drum set, and black clothing. It was all about the groove and the space. It turned into an interesting way to present a song, that has so much production, and portray the conversation taking place in the song” – says Kravitz.

Mondino adds, “I didn’t want to do music videos anymore, but then Lenny played me ‘LOW’ – I fell in love with the song, the beat, and Lenny’s voice. I know that Lenny is a great drummer so when I told him let’s do a real MUSIC video:  just you performing on the drums, no set, no tricks, just a girl on the drums too, he said let’s do it! And we did it; strong, simple, pure beat, with sexy sweat and soul…Lenny and Jas did a brilliant performance and nailed it!!! This song is a classic!!!!”

On his eleventh full-length album, ‘Raise Vibration’, Lenny Kravitz elevates the union of rock ‘n’ roll, funk, blues, and soul once again. Receptive to youthful inspiration, but enlightened by three decades of wisdom, it represents a powerful creative rebirth and a bold, bright, and brilliant body of work befitting of his legacy and boundless spirit.


In conjunction with the release of Raise Vibration, Kravitz is gearing up to kick off the third leg of his 2018 world tour in Atlanta, Georgia on September 21st.  Stay tuned for dates to be announced in the coming weeks.